A New beginning Declaration of Independence by Sannanda

This beautiful tiny cob home [more pictures here www.naturalhomes.org/goatlings.htm] sits on the banks of a small stream in Somerset, England. Recently the little stream became a torrent that burst its bank and flooded the house but the stone stem wall protected the cob and straw bales and its drying out. Lisa and Rich built the house with clay from the stream and roundwood Pine and Hawthorne thinned from the local woodlands. The roof is tiled with cedar shingles and the walls are straw bale on the north and east with sculpted swirls of cob on the south and west. [Add this to your Pinterest collection via www.naturalhomes.org/tinyhouse/31.htm]
Declaration of Independence… By Sannanda
As a Citizen of Planet Earth… as a Human being I give myself the right to live my own life… a life in beauty……balance and harmony… A life that honors the qualities of love… kindness… abundance… joy and freedom… I say no to any kind of oppression that wants to rule and regulate my life in a controlling unjust way… may it be from governments or any other institution or individual… I hereby withdraw my financial and spiritual support from expressions of greed and power over others directing it towards sources that honor and respect the greater good for all living beings… I declare the right to create my own life… as long as I  respect the rights of others and do things that support the graceful expression of the greater good for everyone… As a conscious being I know my rights as well of the rights of others… The right to live a worthy life being supported to create expressions of beauty and compassion… I have seen through the current system on the planet… a system of greed… and the authority of the ones who is in power to do whatever they like… I see destruction of our natural habitat… I see my fellow human beings starve to death… I see no peace in the people of earth… I see wars… I see an inhuman system making most of us sick… tired and afraid… Afraid that we wont survive… afraid of oppression… I see a very small click of people having most resources using them for their own benefit extracting the life force of their fellow human beings… and yes I see that most governments are supporting this… In me… and I believe I talk for most of the people on this earth… I know… I feel… I see… that it is time to go on… to initiate a new change… a peaceful transformation to a new society… A society that first of all care for the greater good for all living beings… humans… animals… and all our relations… This is my choice… my action… my knowing… And so it is… so it is… With utmost sincerity… all ways… always…

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